What can SEO do for you?

A Brief Look At our Capabilities

SEO Working Aspects
SEO Working Aspects

Our Working Process

We have developed a complex working process over time. Here is a simplified version of the process.

Preliminary Study and Client Meeting

We conduct a preliminary analysis of your website based on your problem statement.

After that, we conduct a small 15-30 min call to understand your issues in detail.

We show you what we can do to make your situation better.

Identify Competition and Strategies

After we agree on a solution to your problem, we begin our main research on your competitors and industry to see how others are dealing with the same problem.

We show you the solutions and agree on timelines and pricing. Nothing is charged till now.

We also provide website revamp or complete rebuilding if it is required. Extra charges as applicable.

Our SEO Magic

We begin executing our strategies on an agreed timeline. Strategies are executed based on their requirement and impact.

Client Reporting

The client is reported through video conferencing, or through PDF reports whichever they require. Reports are sent weekly, monthly, or as requested by the client. Daily reporting is only done when the project is billed on a priority basis.

SEO Deliverables

SEO Deliverables of Ingeniare AI Marketing

Why Choose Ingeniare AI Marketing for SEO

Why Choose Ingeniare AI for SEO
Why Choose Ingeniare AI for SEO


Pricing for each project is customized and is based on deliverables. There is no refund for SEO services because we provide you with ample opportunities to decide whether we would be the best fit for your problems and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my website be found without SEO?

Yes, any website can be found even if you are not doing SEO on it. Google indexes millions of website that have high quality information. Further, SEO is not the only way your website can get discovered. You can use:

1. Ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc., which are lot faster but expensive as compared to SEO.
2. You could use physical methods of marketing like pamphlets.
3. Feature your website on top news agencies through Press Release distribution platforms.
4. You could have your Wikipedia page created.

With SEO, you are just maximizing your return potential.

What is SEO and how can it benefit my website?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to attract organic visitors by addressing their search intent. This is done by following a set of guidelines which are advised by Google and recommended by experts. The benefit of SEO is that you will have to spend much less in Ads to make your website more visible to visitors.

How can I get links for my website without paying for SEO service?

SEO is not as hard as rocket science. However it is a lengthy process