Google Adds Notes, A New Feature to Improve its Search Engine

A new feature has been added by Google to its search engine which will allow users to leave comments on search results. These comments are meant for Google to better understand user expectations and also address them in an effective manner.

Notes will first be available for users in the USA and India confirmed Cathy Edwards, VP at Google.

The feature seems to be a part of Google’s efforts to create better search results for its users and also aid its previous efforts of Search Generative Experience and adding “experience” to EAT guidelines

Google adds Notes to Search Engine, Pic- Search Engine Land
Google adds Notes to Search Engine, Pic- Search Engine Land

How does Google’s “Notes” work?

The feature allows users to comment on the quality of search results to let it know about what its users actually think about the SERP results.

Notes may also have other forms of input such as images, texts and stickers. Notes created by users will also be visible to others.

These notes could act as an input in machine learning models which can then provide insights and solutions.

Brad Kellet, Senior Director for Engineering at Google Search said that users could also create their own notes to share their expertise with the world.

Google VP Cathy Edwards said in an interview with the Verge that as soon as a user posts a “Note” it will be visible to others within minutes unless its flagged for review. Users would not be able to post notes for offensive queries, the VP added.

Why Google Cares Most About Its Search Engine?

At the end of Q4 in 2022, more than 50% of all sources of Google’s revenue was from its Search Engine. This makes it the most prized asset in Google’s family.

Further, with the rise of GPT-based chat services, (ChatGPT, Bing, etc.) there is a risk that people will shift towards these search engines. This is also the reason why Google rushed its own GPT model to create BardAI and Google SGE.

Dhirendra Chandra Das
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