Ingeniare SEO Agency Conquers Rankings and Traffic After Google’s March 2024 Core Update

Ingeniare SEO agency showcases massive client traffic and ranking boosts after Google's Core update, emphasizing compliance with Google EEAT and content quality.

A while ago we had made some claims that our SEO agency, Ingeniare, is the best and the fastest SEO agency in India. Now its the time to show you some evidence.

Massive Gain in Google Rankings After March Core Update

The Google March core update was intended to weed out low quality content that adds no value and no additional information to the internet. Our agency being compliant with Google’s EEAT guidelines have always prioritized the use of helpful content for all our clients.

As a result. we have gained massively in terms of both Google rankings and traffic. Let’s explore some of our projects that we recently worked on.

The News Dispatcher Gains Heavy Traffic Inflow

We started this website around November 2023 and meant to create a news website out of this. The aim was to monetize the website which required massive traffic.

Four months fast forward, we have gained more than 25k visitors in Jan 2024 and expect to cross 30,000 by Feb 2024.

Not only just traffic, we have managed to gain more than a high Visit Duration of nearly 10 minutes. The longer the viewer stays on your website the better it is for your website.

In March alone, we might cross around 40k visitors (estimated).

Traffic Data from 1-7 March 2024
Traffic Data from 1-7 March 2024

Cyan sees Massive Gain in Google Rankings

Cyan, an place where you can buy NFTs on EMI, has witnessed a surge in its Google rankings after the Google Core Update in March 2024. The reason why Cyan gained and all of other websites lost is because we implemented a content revamp plus relevant backlinking from high DA sources. All of these helped Cyan to beat its competitors.

Rankings Gained by Cyan
Rankings Gained by Cyan in March 2024

Another update, as on 10 March 2024, this client now ranks on #9 in USA for the keyword “Cyan”. The keyword has a massive search volume of 110,000 monthly searches.

Ranking on #9 for "Cyan" in USA

Melotales Beats High DA Websites due to Superb Content Quality and On Page SEO

Melotales had implemented a content revamp plus a custom WordPress installation along the main site. This helped them utilize the full potential of our SEO expertise.

The company sells customized gifts.

Below is a screenshot of the keyword “custom engagement songs” that the website ranks on #1 just below the featured snippet.

Melotales Ranks #1 for Custom Engagement Songs
Melotales Ranks #1 for Custom Engagement Songs

Why Ingeniare is the Best SEO Agency?

The reason why we excel in creating fast SEO results as compared to other websites is because we stick to all the guuidelines of Google, each of our content and SEO technique religiously adheres to Google’s guidelines such as EEAT, Helpful Content, Spam Guidelines and several others.

Another reason is that we are constantly testing and improving our techniques as we speak. We have built and scaled more than 25 websites in our agency’s history.

Want the Same Results?

We can deliver the same results on any website. All you need to do is pick up the phone and WhatsApp us.

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Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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