Fast Ranking a News Website for a Trending Keyword “Convalexa” in 10 Hours

I have successfully ranked a trending news term "convalexa" related to astrology using the same "information asymmetry" ranking strategy that I used earlier.


  • Ranking Strategy: Information Asymmetry.
  • Techniques: On Page SEO, Social Media mentions and high value backlinking strategies.
  • Keyword: Convalexa, trending on social media.
  • Volume: Estimated 500-1000 searches a month

Trending keywords are hard to rank because most well known news agencies are batting for it. Yet, I have successfully ranked a trending news term “convalexa” related to astrology using the same “information asymmetry” that I used earlier.

About The Term “Convalexa”

The News Dispatcher Ranking #3 on Google
The News Dispatcher Ranking #3 on Google

The term “Convalexa” was on trend in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and was shared by an Indian astrologist during a podcast on Real Hit. Ranking for such terms is difficult because many high DA websites are competing for them.

#Note: The meaning and aim of the term Convalexa is to attract wealth especially when it rightfully belongs to you and is stuck somewhere.

Though search volume for the trend was not available, yet using indirect methods and actual website traffic I could deduce that it had somewhere between 500 – 1000 searches a month. The reasons in even being ranked third, my website: was getting around 70 clicks overnight on Google.

Traffic Snapshot from Google Analytics
Traffic Snapshot from Google Analytics
Google Search Console (webmaster) Snapshot
Google Search Console (webmaster) Snapshot

Ranking Strategy

I used “information asymmetry” strategy to rank the term on Google. The method is now in beta testing phase and has yielded consistent results for me.


In this strategy, I carefully examine each search result for a keyword and find gaps in On-Page SEO. After that I try to create as much as content as needed by Google to present me as a topical authority.


Once topical authority has been established, I started backlinking with websites whose DA>50. Here, it is important to check the spam score before you ask someone for links. Spam scores greater than 10% should be avoided at any cost.

For example. if you create too many backlinks on Quora, your website domain authority will slide down. I happened with me when one of my website authorities slipped from DA 11 to DA 9 in 3 days because of excessive Quora linking.


The next step is to submit for indexing. This is the most critical part which often website owners and even senior SEOs miss.


That being done, you need to wait. In my case the waiting period was nearly 10 hours. It can be higher for you depending on competition in your niche.

For high competition niches like Digital Marketing, waiting can be as long as 3 weeks, but with Ingeniare SEO, its 2 -3 hours. Yep, we have a special technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ingeniare AI use PBNs for backlinks?

PBN backlinks are only used when they have a high DA (>30) and low spam score (below 10%).

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

Dhirendra has over 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing with an ability to quickly gain organic traffic through Google. With an MBA in Marketing, his approach combines the best of theoretical and practical marketing knowledge.

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