Using Quora for SEO, Never Forget This

For SEOs Quora is a great platform to search for traffic that belong to their niches. Some also use Quora to create backlinks.

Quora is one of the most prominent question-answer websites. Millions of users use it to find results to their questions, thoughts and queries. For SEOs Quora is a great platform to search for traffic that belong to their niches. Some also use Quora to create backlinks.

However, most SEOs get this wrong. Quora backlinks do not have much impact, unless they have a substantial traffic.

How SEOs use Quora?

The aim of SEO is to attract organic traffic and to do so, we need to know what topics are users searching for.

Most experienced SEOs like me use Quora to check which type of content is in trend. What are the questions that people are asking?

We also use Quora to drive traffic to our websites, whenever there is an opportunity.

Further, Quora profiles increase the Google visibility of your business.

However, we do not rely on Quora for backlinks. Quora backlinks have a “no follow” attribute which means that even if you get a backlink from Quora, it won’t give you much “authority flow” or “link juice”.

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Yet, there is a way to get link juice from Quora. The way is for answers which have a substantial traffic and engagement (upvotes, comments, shares), they tend to pass link juice to your website.

Therefore, whenever you are working on Quora from a backlinks perspective, make sure to write something attractive, highly informational, or funny to engage more users.

The Best Way to Get SEO Benefit from Quora

If you ask me, the best benefit from Quora is that it allows you to create alerts for your topics. These alerts help you know which are the questions the users are asking and give a hint of what they need. You can use this information for your own business.

Another benefit from using Quora is that it allows you to drive significant traffic from the platform to your website. More than 788 million users visit the website every month. This makes it a very useful platform for every business.

Quora Monthly Traffic
Quora’s Monthly Traffic from Similarweb

One more benefit of working on Quora is that since it is a high DA website, it allows you to increase your Google visibility when you insert some keywords for your niche.

What Should You Avoid?

I have experienced an incident when I was working for a website of my own where Quora backlinks proved to be reducing my Domain Authority from 11 to 9 (new website).

The reason why I advise against using Quora for backlinks is that I have observed multiple times that creating too many links on new questions (or less followed questions), somehow acts as spam. This spam backlink reduces your domain authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are no follow backlinks?

Links where the origin website does not want the crawlers to follow (and index) the destination website are typically classified as no follow. The editor/writer on the origin website can classify links as “no-follow” or “do-follow”.

What are the actual benefits of no follow backlinks?

Even if a backlink is no-follow, it passes some authority but not as high as do follow backlinks. Further, no follow backlinks, like any other backlinks, help in driving traffic to the destination website.

How can we get a do follow backlink from Quora?

You cannot get do follow backlinks from Quora. All the backlinks from Quora, Medium and other similar website have no-follow attribute.

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