New SEO Trick Helps Business Save 100% On Ad Costs

Ingeniare SEO helped a customized gifts website increase its daily traffic from 0 to over 5000/month using organic techniques, keyword strategies, and quality backlinks.

With the advent of faster and more efficient SEO techniques, online businesses have been able to sell to far more customers with a very less marketing cost.

Below is an example of a website which sells customized gifts. The client approached Ingeniare SEO in January 2024, with a very small budget that was not even enough for an intern. However, they still got the help.

By the end of May, they were getting at least 200 visitors per day.

How Ingeniare SEO Scales Your Digital Business

Ingeniare SEO completely relies on organic traffic to upscale client businesses. Here is a brief overview of the strategy.

  1. Clients mention the keywords they wish to rank for. Even if they don’t Ingeniare SEO chooses the best keywords for them.
  2. Clients pay a token fee for the first three months during which their website is optimized, new content is added and high quality backlinks are created.
  3. The full fee is only charged when they receive satisfactory traffic from the fourth month onwards. If there is any dispute, clients may choose to extend their trial period for one more month at a time.

Any Website Can Rank For Any Keyword

At Ingeniare SEO the entire focus is on using unconventional strategies, years of experience and information asymmetry to rank any website for any keyword.

The result? Clients get better traffic even if they are spending upto 30x less.

That’s the power of SEO.

Note: By “any keyword”, it means keywords with difficulty as per the domain authority and competition. More difficult keywords take more time.

Case Study

Below is a case study from a website that sells customized gifts. Even before the trial period gets over, their traffic count was much better than almost all competitors.

Below is a testimony of their growing traffic from multiple independent sources.

Initial Traffic in Jan 2024: 0 views per day

Traffic by End of May: 200- 230 views per day

SEO Techniques Used:

  1. Cover topical authority with around 70 articles.
  2. Backlinks from high quality news sites and industry backlinks.
  3. Brand mentions.

Google Analytics Data

Please note that traffic from Google Analytics is higher than Google Search console because analytics measures traffic from direct sources too.

Google Search Console Data

Jetpack Stats

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

Dhirendra has over 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing with an ability to quickly gain organic traffic through Google. With an MBA in Marketing, his approach combines the best of theoretical and practical marketing knowledge.

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