Google Rank #2 within 18 Hours, Fast Ranking by Ingeniare

Recently I did another successful SEO experiment where I ranked an article for the keyword, "Harmony on chain metrics" on Google.

Recently I did another successful SEO experiment where I ranked an article for the keyword, “Harmony on chain metrics” on Google.

Below is short story on how I managed to get my website ranked on Google #2 on Page 1.

Das Crypto Ranks #2 on Google for "Harmony On Chain Metrics"
Das Crypto Ranks #2 on Google for “Harmony On Chain Metrics”

In this article, I will give everyone a walkthrough of the entire ranking process. For the website:, this has been the third successful Google ranking.

Outranking the Competitors on Google SERP Page

The only thing you need when raking a keyword for a low search volume is outranking them on the basis on information. A good quality on-page SEO is enough to rank a website on Google. I learnt this thing from SEMrush’s complimentary tutorial which used to come with its Guru plan.

Research and Content

  1. Make sure that when you go through the websites which are ranking for the term, analyze the deficiency in their information. Some websites might lack a personal experience, some might lack advantages and disadvantages section and some might even lack a section for the FAQs.
  2. The second step is to address these deficiencies in your article along with all the information that you are already giving in that article. In short, make it the most comprehensive piece of information available on the internet.

Getting Indexed

The next step in the process is getting the article indexed. If you have a news website or publish regularly, you can get Google News approval from the Publisher Center which will help you get your article indexed within a few hours.

Alternatively, you can index your article by submitting it on Google Search Console.

The final step, and this is barely necessary is that create some social media backlinks from, Quora and Medium. SEOs would advise you that these websites only give “no-follow” backlinks, but I have experienced in my SEO career that the links from these websites are of high quality even if they are no-follow.

Do not forget that links are to be only created from websites with a DA>30 for old websites and DA>10 for new websites.

Check the DA of websites with Ahref’s Free Website Authority Checker.

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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