Google Ranking in 2 Hours, My Secret Strategy Revealed

I ranked an article in a highly competitive niche (Finance) within two hours of publishing. The interesting thing is I did it even without backlinks.

Ranking on Google is not difficult even for new websites. You just need to find an information deficit and think creatively on how your website can fill in that information.

In this article, I will tell you how I ranked an article in a highly competitive niche (Finance) within two hours of publishing. The interesting thing is I did it even without backlinks.

The Most Critical Factor in Google Ranking

For any website, the most critical necessity to rank on Google is to supply information of the highest quality. You can read my other website on how to create the best informative article.

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My Methodology

Now coming back to our ranking story. Here is the complete information of the website that was ranked.

  • Site:
  • Niche: Finance > Cryptocurrency
  • Keyword: DeFi Research Methodology

I created the following strategy to make sure that the ranking on Google page 1 was the fastest ranking ever.

  1. For the website to be ready, first I made sure that it was indexed quickly. News websites can do this with Google News approval and other websites can do this with directly submitting articles on Google Search Console.
  2. The next necessity is that the website on which you are working has at least 10-15 SEO compliant articles that are well linked.
  3. Now, there is a need to find information asymmetry. New websites can only rank better if they do these two things:
    • Create the best informative article on the internet.
    • Find keywords where others are lagging. Usually low volume keywords fit well in this search.(less than 100 searches per month).
  4. Then, analyze all the websites through a SERP analysis tool like Ahref, SEMrush, Ubersuggest or Moz. See if there is any website ranking on top 10 places that have a Domain Rating below 20. For my ranking, I use Moz and found that there were websites that ranked below 20 in that search result for “DeFi Research Methodology”.

Why this Process Works Great?

Google is an information company. It provides information to searchers and runs ads on those search pages to earn money. To get ads it has to ensure that there are more searches on its search engine which is only possible when the search results are of the highest quality.

However, in the absence of a “accurate match in title” Google shows results for related keywords.

For example, in my case when I searched for the term: DeFi Research Methodology, there were only 2 results matching exactly with this search query. Other results were a related match for the term.

This prompted me to create an article with the most comprehensive information. It took me 2 hours to create this article because of my experience in content writing and over 4 years experience in cryptocurrency.

The Final Result

If you take a closer look at this article or even search for the term: DeFi Research Methodology, you will find my website: currently ranking on the fifth place on the first page of Google search. All other websites are of very high domain authority which you can verify yourself.

Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

Dhirendra has over 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing with an ability to quickly gain organic traffic through Google. With an MBA in Marketing, his approach combines the best of theoretical and practical marketing knowledge.

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