Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Used by Ingeniare AI SEO

Ingeniare AI uses the following KPIs for measuring its performance.

Ingeniare AI uses the following KPIs for measuring its performance. Almost all metrics are available on Google Analytics and other free tools and can be easily viewed by the client.

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1. User Engagement KPIs

User engagement is measured differently for different websites. For blogs and websites which just offer content, we use average duration per visit.

For e-commerce or sales related websites, Ingeniare AI offers, customer acquisition cost, customer lifecycle value, conversions and sales data.

For Blogs, News and Content Websites

Blogs, News Websites and Content heavy websites typically run ads to earn money. The need for such websites is user spends maximum amount of time on the website and also actively engages with clicks on ads and affiliate links.

1. Average duration per visit

The average duration per visit measures the average of all the sessions by each visitor on the website. Typically at Ingeniare AI, we aim for at least 3 min which is the average time to read a 750 word article.

These are the numbers of users who visit on the website and click on the links that are on that page. These links could be:

  1. Internal Links
  2. Non-sponsored external links
  3. Sponsored External Links (Affiliate Links)
  4. Advertisements
  5. Forms and surveys

For E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites and other websites that sell a product, whether physical or digital, want their visitors to make any purchase on the website.

1. Customer Acquisition Cost

This is the average cost that a business pays for acquiring a customer. The metric is available on Google Analytics or can also be obtained by dividing the total conversions by the amount spend on SEO.

2. Customer Lifecycle Value

This is the total amount a customer is expected to spend on the website and can be measured using Google Analytics LTV metric.

3. Conversions and Sales

Conversions and sales are measured using Google Analytics.

The backlinks report is generated by automated tools. We use two types of reports, one which we generate by ourselves and another which is available for free.

Report by Ubersuggest

The report is generated by a premium tool which measures your backlink profile. A report needs a week’s time for accurate results.

Report by Ahrefs

The report by Ahrefs can be viewed by anyone on this link simply by entering the website.

3. Cost per Organic Visit

This is the amount that you would have spent on getting each organic visit on your website.

4. Organic Traffic Value

Organic Traffic Value is the amount of money that you would have spent to reach the same position on Google via advertisement.

5. Website Rankings on Google Page 1

You are charged on the basis of whether your website makes it to the #1 spot on Google. You can verify these by simply searching for your preferred term on Google.

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