Do .xyz Domains Rank Well on Google? 4 Things to Help You Rank.

Yes, .xyz domains do rank on Google. A while ago, there was a debate whether new age TLDs like .online, .xyz, and other domains do rank on Google.

Yes, .xyz domains do rank on Google.

A while ago, there was a debate among website owners, SEOs and several other marketing experts regarding whether new age TLDs like .online, .xyz, and other domains do rank on Google.

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Investigation into .xyz Domains

To prove this, I had search on Google about a widely searched term “sgx nifty“. The term represents India’s Stock Exchange NSE’s Nifty Futures, that are listed on the Singapore Exchange, and hence the prefix “sgx“.

The term has a search volume of 450 searches per month as per Ahrefs.

Search Volume for SGX Nifty Search Term
Search Volume for SGX Nifty Search Term

Surprisingly, I saw a XYZ domain in the result. I found that a website with MOZ DA 52, was ranking on Google’s second page despite being a .xyz domain. I have attached the screenshot below.

Google Search Query For SGX Nifty Search Yields a .xyz domain
Google Search Query For SGX Nifty Search Yields a .xyz domain

Please note that this ranking was for a search query from India. Results by Google for other places might vary.

What Google Search Central Says

A while ago, in 2021, there was a question on whether a .xyz domain would rank.

The answers contained positive answers with most of the users confident of getting a website with this TLD ranked. The answer also contained a wide range of suggestions such as EEAT rules.

What is Google Search Central?

Google Search Central is a place to get complete information and help about your website’s indexing, related search queries, website performance and several other aspects. It also provides a help forum where you can post your queries and get answers from the community.

Then Why Don’t We See Much .xyz TLDs in Search Results

The reason why not much new age TLDs appear on search results is that they are very new as compared to others.

Secondly, the domain TLD of .xyz only appeared in 2014, which is a lot newer as compared to other domains.

Thirdly, going with the past, many businesses rather prefer to register a .com, .net, .co or even other regional TLDs like .in or .uk domains. This causes less preference for .xyz domains.

Unlike Yandex, which associates domain authorities with TLDs, Google has no such preference. Most essential ranking factor in Google Search is the adherence to EEAT rules.

What Are EEAT Rules?

  • Experience, personal experience with the topic
  • Expertise, in depth knowledge that provides new insights
  • Authority, how much times you have written around the topic,
  • Trust, do others trust your website

Experience is gained by using the product, service, or item that is searched about. You have to write explicitly to show that you are well experienced.

Expertise is shown by adding information to your written page which was earlier not present on Google or is not widely known. This is the reason why AI content often fails to secure good ranking.

Authority is gained on Google by posting articles several times about that topic which also cover non-core areas. For example, if the core topic you are trying to gain authority is SEO, you would also need to write around benefits of SEO, SEO vs Ads, and SEO vs marketing, etc.

Trust is gained through backlinks that originate from high quality sources such as news websites, sites with high traffic, sites with high domain authority and page authority.


If you are looking to rank a .xyz website on Google, make sure you fill the website with correct, detailed and well researched information. Adhere to SEO Guidelines and also don’t forget to attract quality backlinks.

In a few months, you will see your website performing better on Google Search.

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